Members in the Scheutz Family

The Henke-line

The Henke-line was founded with Anna Greta Scheutz (1760-1791). She married in 1781 with the glassblower Carl Friedrich Henke, and got five children. Anna Greta died in "childbed" after she got birth to twins.
Her husbands familyname was from the beginning Heinckel. Through the years it was changed several times as:Hinkel, Henkel, Hinke and finally Henke.

The Brauer-line

The Brauer-line was founded with Greta Lisa Scheutz (1788-1866). She got married 1804 to a glassblower named Frans Brauer, and got six children.
It is not known from where the Brauer Family came. Probably it came from Germany. Frans Brauers mother, Caisa Greta Lundeberg, descended from several clergymen families from Småland.

The Kosta-line

The Kosta-line was founded through the glassblower Carl Hindrik Scheutz (1792-1876). He married in 1817 to Wilhelmina Lundgren.
He was blind during his last year. That was a common sicknes in those days among the glassblowers.
Carl Hindrik was the last glassblower from the Scheutz family in Kosta. Then there had been glassblowers with the familyname for 125 years.

The Boda-line

The Boda-line was founded through the glassblower Reinhold Viktor Scheutz (1822-1909). He married his first wife Carolina Hammarström in 1844. When she died he married her halfsister Gustava Hammarström in 1891.
Reinhold Viktor was the last in the family who worked as a glassblowsmaster at Kosta Glassworks. He worked at the glasswork between 1837-1866. In the year 1844 he became glassworksmaster.He was known as "a real glassman" and blew white glass, lampglass and made claymoulds to pressed wineglass, decanters and arracksglass.
When Kosta Glassworks got financial problems things weren´t running smothly between administrators and glassblowers. Several glassblowers left Kosta Glassworks to start glassworks and shops of their own. Among them were Reinhold Viktor together with his sons Abdon, Linus and Carl Wilhelm, and also Erik Vidlund. They bought the farms Förlängskvarn and Bodafall and the crownhomestead Kråksgärde in the parish of Algutsboda. There Boda Glassworks was founded in 1865-1866. After 15 years they also bought Alsterbro Glassworks together with Fröjdekulla Farm with its mills and waterfalls situated in the parish of Kråksmåla, Kalmar county.
Reinhold Viktor moved to Alsterbro in 1886 after he had sold his part in Boda Glassworks to his sons Linus and Carl Wilhelm. They also bought Erik Vidlunds part in 1888.
In 1890 had both the son Linus and the first wife Carolina Hammarström died. Reinhold Viktor inherited their parts in Alsterbro Glassworks. 1891 he sold his part in Alsterbro to the sons Abdon and Carl Wilhelm.
In the spring of 1900 the "oldmaster" Reinhold Viktor moved to the "Oldmastershouse" at Alsterån in Alsterbro. There he died at the age of 87 years in january 1909.

The Rosenlunds-line

Johanna Charlotta Scheutz (1797-1863) founded the Rosenlunds-line through her marriage with the assistant vicar Peter Gustav Rosenlund. She got two daughters. Carolina who married Carl Wilhelm Scheutz, master at Boda Glassworks. The other daughter Sofia didn´t marry at all.
The husband Peter died in consumption men they had been married only for two years. Johanna then moved to Kråksmåla where she lived tohether with the daughter Sofia until Johanna died.

The Växiö-line

Johan Christoffer Scheutz (1799-1867) founded the Växiö-line. He married Juliana Stocke in 1835 and had six children. His wife is descended from several priestfamilys which derived from the 1600 century.
Johan Christofferson worked as a vicar i many diffrent parishes during 1822-1860. He was known as "a priest with great succes in promotion and got all he searched for. He was a courteous man, very talkative, lively and glad, but was sometimes deply melancholied".

The Danish-Line

The danish line was founded through the Instrumentmaker Conrad Gottfrid Scheutz (1802-1845. At first he was educated at Kosta Glassworks by the Royal Instrumentmaker Cetti. As a twelve years old boy Conrad Gottfrid followed Cetti to Copenhagen in 1814. Conrad Gottfrid inherited Cettis business in 1835. In 1845, only 43 years old Conrad Gottfrid died, probably of mercurypoisoning.
He married Ingeborg Birgitte Baerentzen in 1838. She was the daughter of the harbourbailiff and seacaptain Baerent Baerentzen from Flekkefjord in Norway. Baerent Baerentzon was known as a very skillfull seacaptain. He was one of the first captains to carry a steamship in the danish water. King Fredrik VI denied to go on a ship if Captain Baerentzen didn´t carry it.
Conrad Gottfrid got the daughter Gertrude in 1839 and The son Peter in 1843.

The 1:st Nyströms-line

The parishshoemaker Johan August Nyström (1823-1858) was the first in the 1:st Nysström-line. He came after his father Daniel Johan Nyström (married to Christina Catharina Scheutz born in 1804) as parishshoemaker.
In 1852 he married Johanna Johansdaughter born in 1824. He was only 36 years old when he died in 1858. His widow emigrated 26 years later to her children in USA.

The Kallenberg-line

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The 2nd Nyström-line

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The Almgren-line

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The Håkansson-line

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The Lindgren-line

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The 3rd Nyström-line

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The Trädgård-line

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The Jönköping-line

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