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It has always been told in our Family that "some great swedish lord" came to a Bohemian glassworks in the beginning of the 18th century. He engaged two brothers. One was Christopher and he became our ancestor. The other one was John (Johann).
Christopher was probably born in 1695 in Bohemia in Czechoslovakia.
According to a tradition in our family the brothers were smuggeld out of Bohemia in a barrel each. By that time glasblowers were not allowed to emigrate to other countries.

Christopher och John begun as "boys at the works" on Kungsholms Glassworks in the year of 1716.
The brothers are mentioned in the catechismi book of Kungsholms Glasswork for the first time in March 18th, 1717. They are also mentioned inte catechismi book in the years of 1718, 1719, och 1720. From the catechismi book of 1723 there is a journyman by the name of Christopher Schütz. He was examined August 30th, 1723. July 17th, 1724 there is a Christopher Skytt. But he has no title. The last note from the catechismi book is from February 12th, 1725 and then Christopher Skytt is mentioned as a "apprentice in glassworks". After that there is no catechismi books until 1761. Then there is noone by the name of Schytt - Schütz mentioned.
In the population register for the glasswork of the year of 1740 There is a Christopher Sch˙tte again. In the next population register wich is 1755 there is no person with any of the mentioned nameforms working at the Glasswork.

There are several different spellings of the surename during the years, like: SCHYTT, SKYTT, SKYTTE, SCHÜTZ, SCH˙TTE, SCH˙TT och SCHYTTS.

The brother of Christopher, named John (Johann)disapeared from Kungsholms Glasswork after some years. Probably to Denmark.
Christopher stayed and got married and had children. He was married three times and had three sons and two daughters.
His son Johan Christophersson, also became a glassblower. He is the one who brought the family futher on.
In the year of 1730 Christopher left Kungsholms Glassworks. And he didn´t returned until 1740.
Nobody knows what Christopher was doing during these years. Some information says that he was in Germany during these ten years.

In the year of 1741 Kosta Glassworks where founded. The Glassworks got its name from the county governors Anders Koskull and George B. Staël von Holstein.
Christopher Schytt was one of the first glassblowers in the Glassworks. But he didn´t stay longer than until November 6th 1744. He then ended his employment.

August 14th, 1745 the Castle Chancellary of Calmar issued a passport for "The Glass Master Christopher Schytts with wife and daughter, for Stockholm" Christopher returned to Kungsholms Glassworks or maybe to Björkenäs Glassworks at Värmdö. During this time he got to know Christian Filion, a verry skilled but rather unscrupulous glassblower. He became foreman at Ströms Glassworks near Umeå. During the first half of 1749 he was at Kosta Glassworks and caused a lot of disturbance among the glassblowers. He tried to entice three of them to break their contracts and move to Ströms Glassworks.
At this time Christopher sent some money to his son John (Johan) for him to join the absconding glassblowers. However the managers of Kosta Glassworks got informed of Filion´s attempt and could stop it.
Christopher got married for the third time in April 9th 1749 and moved together with his family to Ströms Glassworks. He died in 1752, according to Halvard Scheutz. According to Torbjörn Fogelberg, Christopher died in May 14th 1753. Where he died is not made clear. Though he is not found in the Death book of Umeå.

In the archives of Kosta Glassworks there is several more spellings of the surname Scheutz: SCHÜTTS, SCHÜTTZ OCH SCHIÖTZ.

Christopher Schytt and his brother John (Johann)is deffinetly descended from a glassblowing family. That is for sure because glassblowing in that time was allowed only for sons to glassblowers.

During five generations the Scheutz Family provided Kosta Glassworks with six masters. Durin 125 years there was allways a "Master Scheutz" i Kosta Glassworks smeltery.

According to the family tradition Christopher and John (Johann) brought a seal to Sweden. It is an alliance Coat of Arms with two shields and with a crown on top.

According to a writer in Hamburg by the name of Scheuzow the name Scheutz might come from the slavian (latin=sorbi) "sckvets" which means alder.
An expert in the genealogian department in a museum of Prague says that the name
Schytt - Scheutz comes from the sorbian name šej. Sch is written as š in czech (comment by Christina Scheutz Stenmarck).

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